Aerial LiDAR data has become the new go to solution for highly accurate data. What was once only available via fixed wing, can now be incorporated via drones.

Areas of Interest:

  • Topography data for landslides and land slips.
  • Topography data for vehicle streets.
  •  Accurate measurements for roofs, buildings, vertical structures.
  • Densidity, height, and circumference measurements of forests.


Vertical Inspection data for assets has proven to not only help keep employees safely on the ground but also for continued reference of items maintained on the structure.

Areas of Interest:

  • Building fronts and facades that are four stories and greater.
  • Measurements of vertical items such as bricks, windows, and equipment.
  • Telecom inventory and measurements of installed equipment and condition.
  • Vertical data and safety inspections of wind turbines and  equipment.


Thermography data is not new, but is new to the drone industry. The ability to scan thermal signatures of an item gives better insight into its condition and positioning.

Areas of Interest:

  • Roofing conditions to include compromised rubber membranes.
  • Operability of solar panels to maintain optimal performance and repair.
  • Concrete delamination and break down on bridge systems.
  • Tracking of water leakage from broken water systems or from the earth.


While photos and videos can provide key informations, sometimes it is best represented in three dimensions. By combining multiple datasets we create details 3-D models.

Areas of Interest:

  • Building conditions for executives that are not able to visit the location.
  • Bridging the gap between current conditions and add ons of new projects.
  • Measurements of key items of interest within the 3-D model.
  •  Ability to remove the mesh layer to expose and explore the pointcloud.


In today’s busy business world many projects answer to many people, some not in the same city. Progression documentation can provide updates daily, weekly, monthly, or longer.

Areas of Interest:

  • Executives need updates on the progress of what has been completed.
  • Sub contractors submit invoices for completed work. Photos verify this.
  • General contractors and safety managers use the data for near live updates.
  • Overlay CAD drawings to view bottlenecks that would require more budget.


Killer marketing can make or break a business, no matter how strong their financials are. Brand awareness videos from the view of a drone sets you apart from the amateurs.

Areas of Interest:

  • Recently celebrated a milestone? Brand awareness can showcase that.
  • Need to expand your social media exposure? Brand awareness is there.
  • Being awarded for an accomplishment? Brand awareness is key.
  • Had a PR issue arise? Brand awareness can help realign your values.

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