What does Aerdia offer?


    We send an aerial vehicle to areas that are time-consuming and unsafe. With high-quality photos and videos, we provide information for already constructed or new areas in the process of being built.

    Brand Awareness

    We create stunning visual aids to better explain your business and branding better. Streaming video has gained over 1 Billion streaming users. Video keeps their attention and engaged in your branding message.

    Real Estate

    Commercial, industrial and residential real estate is a great opportunity to stand out from other realtors. Having an aerial tour of the property gives buyers a good look but also eliminates those not seriously interested.

    Search & Rescue

    When lives are on the line or there is a need to document a crime scene, AerdiA is there to help facilitate a timely response to local, state and federal agencies. AerdiA is always available to help.


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